Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ching Ching Again!!!

Surveys R Us Paid Me!
It was a nice surprise to receive a payout since their terms are net30.
Business Name:
Buyer Email:
Payment Sent to:

Business Contact Information

Customer Service URL: http://surveys-r-us.com
Customer Service Email: surveys-r-us@surveys-r-us.com
Customer Service Phone: 314-853-8622

Amount received:
$3.00 USD
Fee amount:

It you would like to join:

Received Payment from 2 of my PTR's
EQ002 who offers ptp with $1 payout. Thanks Esperenza.

Received my monthly commission also from Peco Mail. Thanks Suzanne!

Peco Mail

Monday was a nice surprise from Hundred Acre Woods as well.
Not only did I receive Bonus for being in her Downline at Bux P but I also won the purchase contest.


I am testing 2 new PTC


$5.00 Payout!~~5% Referral Earnings!


$3 payout for AlertPay ~~$1 PayPal
I also did a short interview with the owner because I like to get to know the owner of my site. Enjoy!
"This is my first site and it's exactly 4 weeks old (Began March 18). However,
I have been clicking away at my mouse since 1998. So I am very familiar with the
GPT and affilliate business.
I actually live in Jamaica! (That little reggae island in the West Indies) of
course, I am Jamaican! I travel a lot though... should be traveling to Georgia
in about 3 or so days, that's my second home. I will be there for 6 weeks.
I am a 42 year old self employed as an Interior Designer, married with 1
husband (smile) and 1 adorable 8 year old stepson. When I'm not on the road dressing
up people's homes, office, etc., I am at home with my family and Click Vibes.
And then of course there's the next love of my life... my relationship with
Christ! I also have a great women's Ministry called the Spirit of Esther! In
the midst of all this, I am currently doing a triple degree in Christian
How do I juggle it all and still be able to maintain a 24/7 online business?
Through great staff and support team... and my blackberry phone! I am always
in touch with all my clients/members virtually anywhere in the world with my
Blackberry phone!
You must know though, Click Vibes is also co-owned by two other silent
partners; and they help me to stay on top of things.
Click Vibes is here to stay!"

Sunday, March 29, 2009


This week I received 2 payouts from ATAPS. Thank you!
This is an edited view of my Alert Pay Account!

3/27/2009 / Transfer Received From / American Text Ad Profits $3.01 USD
3/23/2009 Transfer Received From /American Text Ad Profits $1.17 USD

I would recommend this site. Upgrade for a whole year. Just click the link on side of Blog.

And From Pay Pal this Week I received~Yes edited of course.
Payment From Lavender N Lace Mar. 24, 2009 $1.16
Payment From JJ Clix Mar. 24, 2009 $0.76
Payment From Big Kahuna Inc. Mar. 23, 2009 $0.03



Not bad for a lil ching ching this week!