Sunday, March 29, 2009


This week I received 2 payouts from ATAPS. Thank you!
This is an edited view of my Alert Pay Account!

3/27/2009 / Transfer Received From / American Text Ad Profits $3.01 USD
3/23/2009 Transfer Received From /American Text Ad Profits $1.17 USD

I would recommend this site. Upgrade for a whole year. Just click the link on side of Blog.

And From Pay Pal this Week I received~Yes edited of course.
Payment From Lavender N Lace Mar. 24, 2009 $1.16
Payment From JJ Clix Mar. 24, 2009 $0.76
Payment From Big Kahuna Inc. Mar. 23, 2009 $0.03

Not bad for a lil ching ching this week!

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